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African Women
Feed a Family for a Month
Help out! $30.00

Every seven seconds, a child dies at the hand of a silent killer called hunger. Right now, millions of children in Africa are at risk of starvation.  You can feed a family for a month for just $30. This is a meager diet of nsima, which is ground corn flour similar to what is called grits in America. This is a staple food all over Africa, from which they can also make porridge if they have sugar. $30 buys a 100 pound bag of this ground corn flour, a few vegetables and possibly some tea.  Remember, our goal is not just to feed those in need, but to make them self-sustaining, so while your gift will provide much needed food, we will also be hard at work in the village training and teaching so that one day your gift will no longer be needed!
Clothe a Child for a Year
Clothe a Child for a Year
Help Out! $5.00

Clothe a child for a year for just $5.00.  At present, we are caring for about 2500 orphans. Through our contact in Malawi Africa, we are  able to buy huge bales of industrial rags which are made up of used clothing.  Our local Malawian resident (Linda) searches through these bales to select the most desirable bale of used clothing. Our women's groups in the villages make clothing and day care uniforms for the many orphans they care for and in the process, they learn to sew for their own families. Of course, we would much rather at times purchase the orphans more suitable clothes and nicer shoes as funds permit. This figure of five dollars is only given as a bare minimum.  The work we do in training the women will make the greatest long term difference.